Out Patient Department

Our Out Patient facilities are as follows:

  • Slit lamp (2 CSO, Italy zoom & 3 step)
  • Auto Refractokeratometer (Topcon, Jap)
  • Applanation Tonometer (CSO, Italy)
  • Ultrasound A- Scan (Quantel, France)
  • IOL Master 700 (Zeiss Germany) for lens powercalculation
  • Humphrey Field analyser (HFA, 725i, Germany) 1st to introduce in Haryana and NCR
  • Pentacam to rule outKeratoconus and refractive surgery screening
  • Allegra VarioTopolyserfor topoguided LASIK (contouralasik)
  • OCT(optovue, USA)
  • I Tracey(forĀ  abberometry)
  • YagMachine (Appasamy, India)
  • NCT for IOP measurement with air puff (Topcon, Japan)
  • Topcon digital lensometer (Topcon Japan)
  • Manual Keratometer (Appasamy, Germany)
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscope (Appasamy, India)
  • Direct Ophthalmoscope (Heine, Germany)
  • Retinoscope(Heine, Germany)
  • 90-D Fundus Viewing Lenses, Volks (Germany), Gonioscopy Lens (Ocular, USA)
  • Ishiara’scolourvisioncharts
  • CX-1 Non-mydriatic Digital Retina Camera with fundus angiography and autofluorescence (Canon, Singapore)
  • Amogh Smart Retinal Green laser (Appasamy, India)

In Patient Department

The indoor facilities includes a general ward, semi private ward & deluxe rooms providing the best in area admission facilities topatient. All the rooms are well ventilated with independent toilets and natural light.