Eye care for senior citizens

eye care for senior citizens

By detecting and treating eye disease early through annual, dilated eye exams, seniors can preserve their eye sight and prevent or treat eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataract, Diabetic Neuropathy and more. Most of the mentioned eye-conditions eventually lead to total blindness. Having said that, we assist the effected person in lowering the intensity spread in most cases.

Our services and remedies include Eyeglasses, prescription drugs, hospital services and other medical professional help among others.

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Opacification of eye lenses is generally termed as Cataract. The removal surgery is aimed at removing the natural opacified lens  and replacing it with an intraocular lens. If chosen wisely, this lens is custom crafted to remove specs permanently.

A situation where the optic nerve carrying information to the brain gets damaged due to various eye conditions or hereditary reasons. The damage caused by glaucoma cannot be reversed. However, the progess of glaucoma can be reduced to maintain the status-quo vis-a-vis present eye condition.

This is a popular refractive error correction procedure that is used during the middle aged people and seniors. Here the eye lens is replaced by an intraocular lens to correct vision which is very much on the lines of Cataract removal. RLE is also used to correct multiple refractive conditions at the same time to get a spec free eye. This is a boon for people who do not qualify for Laser based refractive solutions.

It is believed that if you can see the symptoms of Retina damage, you are late for the treatment. 

Various eye-conditions and external factors contribute to retina related conditions. Retina conditions eventually leads to total-blindness and most of the retina conditions cannot be cured completely.