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like never before

Contoura Vision is nothing short of a miracle with respect to premium eye-care. It is also known as Topography guided LASIK surgery. Here, we go a step further than just spec removal. We put forth a technology that is designed to correct corneal disorders and also assists the Visual axis, to create sharper eye-sight experience, which is so far un-matched by any spec-removal technique.

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Go beyond Spec removal




Corneal Disorders





Benefits to your eyes

Permanent spec removal

It serves the pupuponse as any LASIK,  i.e. the power of your specs is corrected in Contoura Vision too. This enables you to see the world without specs or contact lenses.

Near Perfect

A computer-aided topographic method maps 22000 microscopic contours on cornea, for the Opthalmologist to create a customized treatment plan.

eye axis

While other LASIK procedures focus on correcting the eyeglass power only, Contoura vision procedure also assists in correcting the visual axis to give you sharper imagery.


This LASIK treatment is not for all. We strongly recommend looking at the points below very carefully, as it may have unwarranted results 
  • If you are below 18 years of age, you may develop an unstable vision. 
  • Immunodeficiency diseases? You are not qualified to have the benefits of Contoura Vision.
  • Have any vascular dis-order or diseases? You should stay away too
  • Myopia greater than 10.00 Dioptre should also not opt for this procedure
  •  Patients with prominent nose  and eyebrows that obstructs reflection also cannot opt for contoura
The doctors generally go through a detailed and through study of your case and history along with preliminary tests that are performed locally to determine and program the machines for accuracy.
Prior to the surgery, the doctor determines the criteria on a case to case basis.


Contoura vision is widely studied and accepted across Europe and Americas. It is one of the fore-runners in the eye-sight restoration space. 

The benefits of Contoura Vision are as follows:

  • Top level accreditation for Vision correction in US (FDA) and European standards for efficacy, and authenticity.
  • Minimal complications and it has a faster  recovery to normal eyes, post surgery.
  • No injections or pain
  • You are back with your beloved one the same day.
  • Perfect eye-sight! some even claim more than 6/6 eye sight
  • Usually, this is a permanent eye-sight solution for distance
The foremost benefit is the quality of eye-sight, post the surgery.

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Contoura Vision assists you in overcoming eye-sight related problems. Having said that, it is important to take extra care of your eyes just before and after the actual procedure. This shall assist you in quicker delivery and assist the doctor to make the right assessment and that you are a good candidate for LASIK. 

Stop wearing Contact lenses at least two week before the evaluation for surgery. No hard lenses for four weeks before the surgery.  In your one-to-one meeting with the surgeon,  you must disclose all medical conditions, medication , allergies et all. Usage of chemicals or substances having chemicals need to be prevented. These include the following but are not limited to make-up, eye make-up, perfumes, deodorant, creams and lotions among others.

Post surgery, avoid touching or rubbing eyes. Prevent your eyes from any sort of infections. Take rest and be at home for the next few days. Visit the doctor within 24 hours, so that the doctors can make any possible changes if required. You also are expected to visit the doctor regularly for at least six months. 

Wearing sunglasses comes recommended. Regular and timely usage of of eye-drops is necessary to lubricate eyes. Do not use water around your eyes for the first 72 hours. No shower, body wash is allowed for 3-4 days. Sponging is allowed but with care. Activities such as swimming and water sports have to wait for a minimum of one month.

Avoid exercises and heavy weight lifting at home or work.